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Tunisian Mosques ...New mobile Android Application

11 Octobre 2013 , Rédigé par Loviso Publié dans #Tunisie-Maghreb



An Android mobile application  has just been published on Yasmine Market under the name " Tunisian Mosques ."

This application has several features that allow the user to locate and list all the mosques in Tunisia to know the nearest mosque with the route that leads to it.
With its simple and interactive graphical interfaces , it is a guide to find the nearest mosque and all mosques in Tunisia. The application gives the control to the user to add the details of a mosque that does not yet exist in the database. It also serves to help the visitors of Tunisia to find the famous and historical mosques that constitute a destination for visitors from abroad.

Three languages are available in this application ​​: Arabic, French and English.


You can download the application directly from here : http://www.yasminemarket.com//application/Houssem-Lahiani-1247.html

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